How do I stop two notifications, or How do I make chompSMS the default messaging app?

Turn Notification Off in the native messaging app, turn Notification On in chompSMS, then restart your phone.

Is there a list of features anywhere?

Yes, click here

This information can also be accessed inside chompSMS -> Settings -> About -> Features Help

When selected, the Emoji keyboard pops-up over the new message field and covers my whole screen!

It's a conflicting application called Pie Control, simply disable to rectify this issue.

How to take a screenshot?

For all phones running at least Android 4, simply press volume down and power at the same time (and hold until it clicks). For S3 users, HOLD down the POWER button and the HOME button at the same time.

Cannot select an image for my background (just does nothing!)

Annoying isn't it! There's an issue with the Gallery app on some phones. Install a third party Gallery app called Fishbowl this will work!

The [Send] button is not active and I can't send any messages.

Looks like your send button is set to "Send via chompSMS" (green button).

Change this in chompSMS, Settings, SMS Network to "Send via Mobile Carrier" (blue button).

Problems receiving messages until you open chompSMS?

Never use a Task Killer or Force Stop on 3rd party messaging apps, as it completely kills the listening processes! This means unless you restart the chompSMS app (press icon) you will not be notified of new messages. Only Android system apps are immune from this behaviour.

My phone seems slow / laggy when using chompSMS

It's important you turn off the following setting in the native Messaging app as this makes all Messaging related database activity VERY SLOW.

Messaging -> Settings -> Delete old messages (make sure it's unchecked).

In addition some live wallpapers can really impact performance (and battery life).

LED color does not work for me why?

The HTC Hero (and others) doesn't have a multicolored LED, it has a 2 colored LED which can be Amber or Green and the color can't be programmatically changed.

Other phones such as the HTC G1, Motorola Droid and HTC Magic support changing the LED color while some phones such as the HTC Hero for example don't.

I'm having issues when I move chompSMS to the SD Card.

Due to popular demand we've made it so that you can move chompSMS to the SD card. There are a few things you need to be aware of if you do choose to move chompSMS to the SD Card (these limitations are imposed by Android not by chompSMS):

Home screen widgets won't work.

If your SD card is mounted on your computer then chompSMS will not run on your phone and will not notify you of any new messages until you remount the SD Card.

Lost Credits?

No problems do the following to restore lost credits: Firstly try chompSMS, Settings, chompSMS Credits, Lost Your Credits. If that doesn't work it's possible that your credits may have expired, as they come with a 12 month full licence and shelf-life.

FAQ does not help me

Please email us again.

You must put the subject as "NOT FAQ" otherwise you'll just get the auto-reply message again!